Teacher Worksheets for February 2018

Happy Spring, Educators!

Bear’s standards-based work sheets for its big Summer Camp Guide Edition are up on our website, as is our hugely popular Camp Guide for Phoenix and Tucson!

Your teaching teammates can sign up online for our free ACCRS-based Work Sheets for grades K-2, 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 and/or Bear’s digital newsletter by clicking on the this link: http://bit.ly/2GeKn10.

Teachers should encourage their students in grades 2 thru 8 to join the Young Reporters Program. Participants in this free and fabulous writing program receive all the materials they need to get started! For details, go to http://www.bearessentialnews.com and look under the Teachers tab.

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Bear Essential News will be at the ginormous 10th Annual Tucson Festival of Books on the University of Arizona campus on Saturday and Sunday, March 10 & 11, in tent #303 in front of the kids area (between the Modern Languages Building and the Mall). Kids and families can don fun props to go on camera to wish the book festival a happy 10th birthday! Young people bringing in a letter written to Boomer Bear or a book report will receive a coupon for a FREE Personal Pan Pizza!!! The free festival is worth the trip for those in the Valley.

Also on St. Patrick’s Day, Young Reporters and reporter wannabees will meet at the Visitor Center of Saguaro National Park West at 3:30 for our Young Reporter Science Night & BBQ, done in conjunction with Saguaro National Park, a signature event of the Arizona SciTech Festival! After seeing a Native American perspective on where we live, we’ll head for the picnic area for burgers and hot dogs. The Tucson Amateur Astronomy Assoc. will have telescopes set up to teach you about the stars. Then you’ll get to borrow a blacklight to go on a night hike to learn about what lurks about after the sun goes down! You must call to reserve your spots so we know how much food to barbecue—520-792-9930.


Stephen B Gin

Bear Essential Educational Services

Thanks for using Bear Essential News and these monthly work sheets in your classroom.