Teacher Worksheets for September 2023

Hello from Bear Essential News, Teachers! 


Hope the new school year is shaping up nicely for you and your students.  

SeptemBear’s Edition just printed and takes a look at Generation Alpha, also being called the “Polar” generation by experts. Our 2023 Field Trips & Family Outings guide continues in this issue. To request newspapers for your school or to adjust the amount of newspapers your school receives, please call toll free: 1-866-NEWS KID (639-7543). 

The standards-based Worksheets that go along with the September issue are posted on Bear’s website. Teachers can sign up for worksheet notifications through the website: Sign up here 


**Our friends at Bookmans offer a PoeFest Student Writing Competition for Arizona kids in grades 7, 8 & 9. Deadline is Oct. 29 and here are some details: https://bearessentialnews.com/event/poefest-writing-contest-0 


***Phoenix-area third-graders can enter Valley Metro’s Cool Transit STUFF 3rd Grade Art Contest


If your student is in grades 3 thru 8, please encourage them to join our Young Reporters Program! Students get to cover the stories that interest them and those stories are edited by Bear and published in the newspaper. Field trips are generally pretty easy first stories for a Young Reporter to cover. 


Young Reporters receive an official YR Kit to help get them started, and we are looking for a volunteer Adviser at every school with reporters. Monthly Zoom meetings are fun and informative with an amazing guest speaker for the Young Reporters to interview. Please call if you have any questions. 


Through the non-profit, Bear Essential Educational Services, you can have Bear editors visit your school or organization to conduct free presentations on writing and/or reporting for kids! Details are online under the Teachers tab. Call the toll-free number to schedule or if you have questions. 


This program and these worksheets are brought to you by the 501(c)(3) non-profit Bear Essential Educational Services. 


Readers are winners,

Stephen B Gin, editor