Teacher Worksheets for January 2020

Happy 2020, Educators!

Bear’s first issue for 2020 has an expanded distribution in the Valley and in Tucson. We are thrilled to be working closely with the Arizona SciTech Festival (which launches later this month) and ASU’s Sustainability Solutions Service.

In the middle of our January issue is a special SciTech Festival Pull-out Program that includes Nova, the festival’s bright gecko mascot, an innovative password generator and other fun activities, a couple of fascinating in-depth STEM-based articles, and dozens of the upcoming Signature Events (many of which are free).

For a full listing of the hundreds of events happening, go to http://scitechinstitute.org/scitech-festival/

The January standards-based Classroom Worksheets are posted online and augment this issue. Please forward this email to your teaching teammates, and they can sign up for these notifications online at BearEssentialNews.com.

Please encourage your students, grades 2–8, to join our Young Reporters Program. Click here for the printable Sign-Up Form. The Tucson Young Reporter Night is this Thursday, Jan. 16, from 5–6 p.m. at the Bookmans on Speedway and Wilmot. Reporters with stories to edit can arrive early at 4:30. Prizes, food and a presentation on journalism are included.

And next month’s Bear Essential News will have a highly educational and entertaining booklet highlighting the Sustainability Solutions Festival and activities on ways we can live and do business in more sustainable ways.

Wishing you a phenomenal year,

Stephen B Gin

Bear Essential Educational Services