Did you celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day? It happened last month, May 15 to be exact!

 According to National Day Calendar, Ruth Graves Wakefield of Whitman, Massachusetts, was probably curious about what a little bit of chocolate would be like added to her cookies. In 1937, while working at the Toll House Inn, Wakefield added cut-up chunks of a semi-sweet Nestle chocolate bar to her cookie recipe.

 The cookies were a huge success!

The Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa has a lot of fun things do to. When you go there, you’ll see some cool galleries. One of those galleries is about the early Spanish settlers in Arizona. It also has a dinosaur exhibit, and I liked the cowboy exhibit.

In the early Spanish settlers exhibit, there is a set of Conquistador armor and a replica of an old Catholic Church. In display cases there are weapons like a sword and musket.

 Recently my mom and I went to a traveling exhibit at OdySea in the Desert, Bodies Revealed. This exhibit was very fun and helpful. It had lots of different facts about the human body and they were interesting.

There were also models of the muscle and bone structures in the body. But, the bodies were real! They were real people! I know, crazy.

Nina Jolly, Howell Elementary

Nina Jolly just finished her 12th year of teaching kindergarten at Howell Elementary. Previously, she taught middle school science before taking a break to raise her two daughters.

Jolly enjoys the way the young students soak up information. 

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These days, museums are not only great places to see awesome artwork and interesting exhibits. Many museums offer interactive displays, hands-on activities and special events with something for everyone. During the hot summer months, keep cool with a fun visit to a museum! 

Heard Museum

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Loose snake

Top Photo: photo courtesy of Phoenix Fire Dept.

A blazing house fire wasn’t all that Phoenix fire-fighters encountered on May 16. The also faced snakes—hundreds of ’em!!!

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