By Devin Conley/ CRONKITE NEWS

PHOENIX – David Barnard felt a pain in his chest. His vision blurry and his left arm limp, he turned to his friend.

“We need to go to the hospital now,” Barnard said.

“I was scared to death,” Barnard said. “I had just been in the gym that... Read more

By Chris Benincaso/Cronkite News

PHOENIX – Even a cactus has limits.

The Arizona icon of desert survival can’t always take the heat. Record-breaking temperatures that draw shudders and international attention also have been rough on many types of succulents.

“... Read more

Scientists announced a mind-boggling 18,000 newly discovered plants and creatures for 2016. And each year, State University of New York’s Environmental Science and Forestry through its international selection committee picks the best of the best of these discoveries to make their annual Top 10... Read more