Summer is coming! Kids everywhere are counting the weeks until school’s out and the summer break begins. But after a few days of freedom, the summer days can leave you in a summer daze. One way to escape the summer blahs is to find a fantastic summer camp—it’s a great place to learn and grow, and of course, to have fun, too!  

It’s always nice to go on a family vacation, see the latest summer blockbuster movie, relax while you’re out of school, read books just for fun or hang out with friends. But summer camp can provide fun, relaxation and a whole lot more!

At camp, you can learn a new skill or hone an existing talent. You can sign up with your buddies or make new friends. You can improve on the skills you love and try some new things you’ve never done before!

Camps come in every variety.  There are day camps and overnight camps.  There are sports camps, arts camps, technology camps, academic camps and traditional camps. Do you want to sing, dance or act? Ride a horse or paddle a canoe? Maybe this summer is the time to work on mastering a new sports skill, learn to build a robot or launch a rocket, dive in the pool or climb the highest mountain or rock wall. You might cook tasty treats or design forward-thinking fashion.

According to a 2005 report from the American Camp Association, parents note that there are many important reasons for sending their children to camp. Parents surveyed said that:  

  • Camp helps build self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Camp is a safe environment.
  • Camp is a place to build social skills and make friends.
  • Camp helps kids gain more self-confidence, self-esteem, independence and leadership skills.

The ACA website notes that children who go to camp can end up being more comfortable in different social situations. They may become more willing to try new things based on their time and experiences at camp.

Your family should sit down together to decide what kind of camp will work best for you. Some things to consider are: the age and experience of the child; the child’s interests; the cost of camp and whether scholarships are available, and the dates and times that the camps are offered. 

Some summer camps offer multi-week or sibling discounts or other types of discounts or scholarships. Contact the camps you are interested in to ask about possible discounts and to find out whether the camp has an open house you can attend. Apply for scholarships early!

Use Bear’s 2017 Summer Camp listings to help you find the the perfect camp for your family. No matter what camp you choose, it can be the highlight of your summer!