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It’s that time of year when kids are counting down the days until school is out for the summer. While the children are excited about the school year coming to an end, it can often be a stressful time for parents. Working parents are often faced with finding a sitter during the summer. Many times the solution is summer camp.

Summer camps give children the chance to try new things, explore, learn, make new friends and collect memories that will last a lifetime. There are camps that offer swimming, dance, theater, sports, STEM, STEAM, art, animal care and so much more! Choosing a summer camp is often decided by factors like is it a day camp or overnight camp? How close is it to home? How much does it cost and are scholarships available? Does the camp require special clothing, shoes and equipment? What is the ratio of campers-to-camp staff?


Day Camp or Residence Camp? If your child has attended summer day camps in the past, attended sleepovers with friends or even stayed with grandparents for a weekend, they might be ready for a residence (overnight) camp. Residence camps can be as short as a weekend or some might run one to two weeks long. With a residence camp the children will learn independence being away from parents and siblings. If a child is too young for a residence camp, day camp is probably the best. They will spend all day with other campers and be home in time for dinner.


Cost and Location: Another factor in choosing a summer camp is the cost and closeness to home. You can find many day camps just miles from your home and many camps offer scholarships, early registration and other discounts. You can look at the website of a camp to find out if discounts are available.


Types of camps: What does your child like to do or what would they like to learn to do? Several camps teach children STEM in creative and fun ways. Musical and theater classes often have a performance at the end of the camp to present to parents. Most camps offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Those camps that are mostly outdoors are usually located in a higher elevated area when the temperatures are cooler.


Do not be afraid to ask! When selecting a camp do not be afraid to ask questions. What is the ratio of campers-to-camp staff? Is the staff well trained, experienced and background-checked? How will you be notified in case of emergency? Does the camp accommodate children with food allergies or disabilities?


Ready, Aim, Summer Camps! Once you have decided if your child wants to go to a day or residence camp, it’s time to sit down with them and go over all the many camps available in your area. To make it easier, and to see the variety of choices, check out Boomer’s Summer Camp Guide 2023.

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