Justin Willman and his Magic for Humans show performed at The Fox Theatre in downtown Tucson on May 21. The show opened with a magic trick involving wine bottles, then it jumped to videos. The first one was of him getting to the show to wow us with his magic, the second one was of him trying to teach his child how to do magic like him, except it went very wrong. His son hilariously started sharing some of his dad’s magic-making secrets!

 One of the wackiest tricks is when he takes a volunteer’s phone and puts it in an envelope along with his own cracked and broken phones. The volunteer would then roll a die and the number it landed on would determine which envelope would be smashed. This went on until the last one, then he opened the last envelope and inside there was…her undamaged phone!

 He said that there are two kinds of people that come to his shows. There are the people who come to see the magic and who don’t try to decipher it and there are the plus-ones who come because their friend had an extra ticket. They are the ones who try to understand the magic— Willman did a trick dedicated to those people. He asked for the name of someone’s first crush and they then opened a box that contained the name of the person’s crush. He asked who thought they had it figured out and one man in the audience said “a bluetooth printer!” Can you guess what happened next? It was a printer! Well not really. Just as you thought you had it figured out, he crumpled up the “printer,” made a joke about printing a printer and tossed the crumpled paper towards the man who suggested he understood the trick!

 I really liked the show and judging by the audience reactions, they loved it too. If you get the opportunity, I would recommend you go see Willman, even if you are not into magic because he’s not your every day rabbit-out-of-the-hat kind of magician. It can be somewhat like a comedy show and the Magic for Humans show on Netflix is the same way. I also recommend that, it’s very entertaining.



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