Summer Fun Comes to an End

Some people believe that when school begins summer’s over. But that’s not true. There are still plenty of hot, sunny days and that’s why I wanted to go to the Breakers Water Park. I went with my best friend, my brother and my parents. 

When we got there, we found a nice shady area under a tree where we left our towels and water bottles. My mom slathered us all with sunblock to prevent us from turning tomato red and off we went. First of all, we went on the Bonzai Pipeline. The Bonzai Pipeline is a tube slide; you slide inside a tube that twists and turns like a crazy rollercoaster.

At the bottom of the hill you grab a matt that you carry with you to the top where the slide begins. You sit on the matt or if you dare, you can increase your speed by laying down; then you go at the speed of light! At the end of the slide you land in a little pool. There’s three different slides and, of course, we had to try all of them numerous times.

Next  we went in the wave pool. About every 20 minutes or so they turn on the wave machine and you can jump over the waves, swim under them or just let them rock you back and forth. We saved the best for last. The Riptide. It’s a tall, tall slide, 52 feet high. You slide pretty much straight down, again. Breakers Water Park is definitely on my list to do next summer! 

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