During the three-day weekend on Sept. 2–4, I attended the 13th annual Tucson Comic-Con. This event was held at the Tucson Convention Center in downtown Tucson. It started at 3 p.m. on Friday and ran through Sunday at 5 p.m. This was the first Comic-Con in several years due to COVID cancellations the past few years. This was my first time attending Comic-Con and it was almost overwhelming because it was so large and there was so much to do.

Comic-Con presented a wide variety of activities and things to see over the course of three days. The scavenger hunt provided an opportunity to go around to meet others in the Exhibit Hall, Artist Alley, Gaming Room and those that represented fan groups and non-profit organizations. Prizes were awarded to those achieving different levels of success on the hunt. I enjoyed shopping and looking at all of the booths of artists selling all things related to Comic-Con. There was everything from LEGOs to comic-related artwork. There were two costume contests, one for kids and one for adults. In the gaming rooms you could compete against others or play video games. Each day there were panel sessions that you could attend to learn about a variety of topics. We went to panels about how to build a droid and a Kahoot-based game session. Some of the visiting celebrities and industry guests held panels, too.

The spirit and energy inside of the TCC during Comic-Con was amazing because there were so many participants in costumes. There were homemade and store bought costumes from many different television shows, movies and comic books.

Everyone was also very nice and loved asking for pictures or accepting requests for pictures with those in costume. My family were Mandalorians one day and characters from Demon Slayer on another. We were asked to be in many pictures each day! Overall Comic-Con was an amazing experience and I highly recommend going next year if you are someone who loves comic books or anime.


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