Do you like Halloween and need a way to celebrate? Then go to the Glowing Pumpkins event where you will see hundreds of handcrafted pumpkins ablaze in the moonlight.

I went there with my family, and I was amazed. There were pumpkins everywhere along the path. All kinds of characters were painted and carved on pumpkins like superheroes, witches, and princesses. There were separate sections, each filled with similar things and haunting music. My favorite part was the graveyard because it had creepy headstone puns. For example, one said, “Barry M. Deep.” It was fun trying to figure out what they meant. In the gift shop, they sold real life worms and crickets. I ate gummy eyeballs.

Bobby Sutton Jr., owner of Glowing Pumpkins, shared some facts and opinions with me. He said that the pumpkins are made out of foam and the artwork was made by the New York company, Jack-o’-Lantern Journey. When asked about his favorite holiday, he said, “Halloween. I love scary things… and pumpkins.” Sutton said this event was designed for families and is for kids of all ages. I agree and recommend that all parents and kids visit.

 Glowing Pumpkins is located at the Tucson Mall at 4500 N. Oracle Rd. It is open from dusk until 10 p.m. Check the calendar online at www.glowingpumpkins.com  for the days it is open. Also, buy your tickets online because it costs less. Let’s paint this town orange at the first annual Glowing Pumpkins event!

Hopefully there will be many more events to come.

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