On Aug. 28, I went to The Fox Theatre to attend the Andy Grammer concert with opening artist Art Bloom. The Fox Theatre was built in 1930, and years later it was abandoned. Upon reopening they tried to restore its original look. Upon entering the venue you have a sense of awe—amazed by an original fountain and walls full of paintings. Entering the auditorium, the ceiling was covered in vintage carpeting and had beautiful chandeliers that looked like suns. The stage was set for the singers—they had fog machines and instruments for a live show. I had the pleasure of meeting and getting a photo with Bloom.

I asked Bloom, “What made you want to be a singer?” He says he started singing when he was young and his reason to keep singing was because of the feeling it gave him and others. When I asked Bloom the decision on his music genre, he summed up that it can be tricky, but he chose to pick what made him excited to keep listening over and over because when an artist works on music they listen to their work for hours on end and it should be enjoyable to them first.

My favorite song Bloom played at the show was “Jeans and a T Shirt.” I asked Bloom what he tries to portray for songs. He says that he tries to portray good vibe feelings. He says he wants to be the artist that gets put on for the good times and the start to the good times. Bloom says his favorite song he has recorded is his next release called “Tyco.” He says it was fun to write, rework and mix. He says every song is a little time capsule of his life.

Closing out my questions, I asked Bloom to share about playing in Tucson and the Fox Theatre. Bloom responded that the shows are always his favorite, but meeting people before and after the show is always a highlight. He likes to connect with people from all over and learn about them as much as he enjoys putting on the show.

Andy Grammer came on stage and the first song he played is my favorite, “Damn It Feels Good To Be Me.” This is an inspiring song for people who think they should be different. You should always be your true self and that is what this song brings out when you listen to it—you can’t stop singing along!

 Grammer played other popular songs which also inspire you to love yourself and to tell yourself to be who you were meant to be and don’t listen to the hate parade. His music shows that even celebrities can have bad days and need some cheering up. Grammer has many songs to love, but another one I enjoyed seeing live was “Don’t Give Up on Me” which was featured in the movie “Five Feet Apart.”

Both artists made fans rise to their feet and sway along to their songs. This concert was my first ever and it was an amazing experience! I left with confetti in my hair and a smile on my face.

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