Community Food Bank Serves Up More Than Food

Did you know the Tucson Community Food Bank relies on about 120 employees?

It takes a lot more than employees to run a food bank!

Doug Ruopp was my guide at the food bank, and Cindy Montano assigned us into jobs.

My job was to put two boxes of raisins and a box of walnuts into a bag. Outside, Ruopp told me that the Community Food Bank helped people get their own gardens. They bring dirt, soil, seeds and even worms to get gardens started.

Ruopp also tells me that the Community Food Bank teaches people how to cook. About half of these people get real jobs cooking at different places!

Do you want to volunteer at the food bank? Well guess what? You can!

If you have extra fresh fruit or vegetables, you can call the food bank and they will come to pick the food up. Their number is 622-0525. If you have more questions or you want to volunteer, their website is

Ruopp says instead of being hungry some kids who get the bags of raisins will say, "Hey Mom! Hey Dad! Look! Raisins!"

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