“You’re killing me, Smalls” is a famous line from the 1993 baseball movie “The Sandlot.” In September, I met some of the now grown up cast from the movie. Tom Guiry (Smalls), Marty York (Yeah-Yeah) and Victor DiMattia (Timmy) were at an autograph signing event at Harley’s Toys & Comics at Tucson Mall. All of the actors let me call them by their movie character names when I interviewed them.

I was curious to find out what happened to the hat Smalls wore in the movie. “That hat is in a museum in Kentucky, the Louisville Slugger Museum,” says Guiry. I also asked him if he really had a black eye in the movie and he said it was makeup and he had to go in earlier than the others so they could apply the makeup around his eye.

I wanted to know what the tobacco tasted like in the carnival scene. I was told it was made of beef jerky and black licorice. “It was gross! It was so gross,” DiMattia said.

I asked if it was like working or playing when making the movie and how it was to be a character in a movie set in a different time era. “It felt like summer camp. Like a baseball acting summer camp. It was probably the best summer of my childhood,” says Guiry. DiMattia thought the clothes were cool and the others agreed that clothing from the 1960s was heavier and it was hot when they filmed. The guys said they stay in touch with each other and talk or text each other and other cast members from the movie.

If you’ve never watched this movie, you should. It’s funny, full of adventure and you can see how these kids get into trouble and meet “The Beast.” And, Yeah- Yeah still answers questions with Yeah-Yeah.

Below: Left to Right: DiMattia, York, Guiry and Xavier

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