Qizai the Panda and Kindness

Kindness has been tossed around a lot these days. And Qizai, the 7-year-old panda who is the only brown panda in the world, knows how it feels to be treated unkindly. Qizai was abandoned by his mother at 2 months old. He was weak and neglected. He was found in the Qinling Mountains in China.

He also had to face bullying from other pandas that would steal his bamboo. Scientists can’t wait to find out if it’s something in his genes that gives him his brown color. Right now Qizai is enjoying his life in Foping Panda Valley, where he has a personal caretaker who plans his life around this panda, which is a great way of showing kindness.

A fun way you and your friends and family can be kind is through Ben’s Bells. Ben was a 3-year-old child who died from croup in 2002. His mother, Jeannette Maré, created Ben’s Bells to spread kindness throughout the community as a positive way to deal with the loss of her son.

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