Putting a Face to the Voice!

In October, I got to meet the Voice of the Wildcats, Brian Jeffries. I asked him a lot about the team and what it’s like to be the Voice of the Wildcats. I also asked him about his favorite sport and what it was like to go to his first national championship.

He says it has always been his dream to be the Voice of the Wildcats and that it’s kind of challenging to travel with the team. In fact, he actually doesn’t get to see the team that much. He says he loves all sports and that it was the greatest feeling to go to his first national championship.

What got him into broadcasting first of all was that he really liked it, but didn’t like how much math was involved. I also asked him out of the 1,500 games he’s voiced which were the most memorable; he said for football it was Arizona against Oklahoma. We won 6-3. In basketball, it was when Arizona beat North Carolina in the Final Four. For baseball it was when Arizona went to both national championships.

He says that he loves being the Voice of the Wildcats because he gets to go to every game. He said the most challenging game he ever voiced was a basketball game when the power went out. They had to go to the gym to do the game, so he had to use the loud speakers. He also wanted to share that he has a great job and that he is really nervous before every one of his games.

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