Over the quarantine time period I’ve been able to do things I was too busy to do before, such as making new recipes that previously took too much time to complete, learning fun new hairstyles, and picking up an old ukulele I hadn’t touched in years. I was also able to progress in several piano songs I had been working on for a while, and I’ve already started to finish up some cute DIY presents for my family’s birthdays!

We’ve been getting exercise by going on a family walk in the evening, following our PE teacher’s exercise charts, and doing exercise videos we found on YouTube. Whatever you do, do NOT do stretches right next to the couch—your legs will thank you later! We also like running around in the backyard with the dog.

School is still the same material, but trying to manage assignments is a lot harder, along with getting help on assignments—sometimes technical difficulties are the silent culprit of not getting how to do an assignment. Sometimes the teachers also haven’t been able to figure out video calls. One of my teachers organized a video meeting and never showed up because they didn’t know how to get on!

I haven’t been able to get all the ingredients I need to cook things at times—like when we run out of eggs and the grocery store doesn’t have any. Thankfully, there are more eggs now.

Getting cooped up with my younger brother is one of the worst things that has ever happened to me. He’s nice, but when you have to deal with him 24/7, then you wish that there was school to run away to.

Getting takeout is pretty easy, and we’re able to get our favorite meals, like burgers, noodles and sushi, so I still have a variety of options (it’s not the Apocalypse where I’d be gnawing on a lettuce head for a month.)

Overall, I’ve learned how much time I spend on screens every day, and that meeting someone in person is better than meeting someone on a video call. I’ve been taking little things for granted, like going to get a haircut and going to the grocery store. So never, ever think that something (like going to see your friends) is somewhat boring, because I only started to appreciate things when I couldn't do them.

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