In April, I attended a surprise birthday car parade for a Girl Scout named Emaline. The parade started at La Madera Park and ended at her house. Among those participating in the parade were other Girl Scouts in her troop and friends. The surprise parade was for Emaline’s 8th birthday. Emaline attends Sam Hughes Elementary.

The parade lasted about ten minutes and was very fun! People decorated their cars and waved signs at Emaline as her and her mother stood in their driveway. I thought it was a great and clever way to have a celebration during the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the corona virus pandemic, we must spend less time around people so we can be safe.

After the parade I had the privilege of interviewing her, over the phone due to new social distancing guidelines. I asked her, “What was different this time from previous birthdays?” She said, “It was a surprise the number of cars that showed up at the party.” I then asked her, "What was her favorite part of the car parade?" and she told me, “I could see my friends even though we’re living through the coronavirus outbreak." I also asked her, "What are some other things you did on your birthday?” She told me, “I played the board game Life, spent time with my family and went to the park.” The last question I asked her was, "Is there anything else you would like to say about the car parade?" She replied, “I’ll never forget it.”

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