At the Pima County Library there are seed libraries! This year the library has a 2022 One Seed Pima County program with the theme “Growing together—one seed, one community.”

You are invited to the library to pick up Crackerjack marigold seeds for free. Marigolds are a type of flower that grows well in the warm weather in Arizona. They can grow up to 36 inches tall and grow into a beautiful orange-yellow flower. When you pick up seeds from the library, you can take information with you about how to plant, grow and harvest the seeds.

An interesting fact about marigolds is that when it is humid and rain is expected or when it is dark, the flower closes up. After the flowers blossom you can use them as a spice that you can put in salad or to use it to dye rice a saffron color.

You are encouraged to harvest some of your seeds and return them to the library for others to use in the future. Visit the Pima County Library and pick up your marigolds or any other flowers, herbs or vegetables to grow at your home.


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