Every year in April is Global Youth Services Day. This is a weekend where kids all over the world are encouraged to do something good for their communities. It doesn’t matter where you live, it is important to be kind and make the world a better place.

In honor of Global Youth Services Day 2021, I invited 12 friends to come over to my house for a backyard Kindness Party. Together with my friends, we made 120 positive and inspirational notes for homeless youth who are part of a local homelessness organization called Youth On Their Own. Youth On Their Own helps kids ages 10-21, who are homeless or can’t live in their homes anymore, stay in school, graduate and have the supplies they need to get through this hard time. The notes my friends and I made will be given to 120 homeless students in Tucson!

So can you also host a Kindness Party or do something good for our community? Yes you can! First pick a cause you care about. Learn more about the cause and why it’s important to you. It is also a good idea to contact an organization in your town who is doing work in the area you care about. They may have good ideas or specific ways forhow you can help them.

Then start party planning! Pick a day and time when you want to do the service project and figure out how many friends you need to help you. On the day of the Kindness Party, set up your work area and whatever supplies you will need. Will you need tables for writing and drawing, shovels and dirt for gardening or gloves and garbage bags for cleaning up? Think about what you need for the project to be a success!

When your friends arrive, take a few minutes to explain any rules or guidelines and what you will be doing. By explaining to my friends why this project was important and who these notes will be given to, I noticed a lot of effort and hard work was put into writing super creative and inspiring notes. I also introduced my friends to the idea that kids our age could possibly be homeless for a variety of reasons. I don’t think many of my friends even thought about that before our service project event.

We had a great time, especially when you make volunteering fun and like a party! I made sure that we had great markers and stickers so that writing notes for homeless youth was easy and creative. Plus we also had awesome snacks and drinks!

It’s very easy to make a difference in the world. What ways can you spread kindness and help your community?

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