On May 15 and 16, my sister and I volunteered with SAAFB giving out free dog and cat food. We worked with the director and co-founder, Donna DeConcini. We had a busy two days, but it was worth it!

On Day 1 when my sister Sophia and I went to Southern Arizona Animal Food Bank, we had to put dog and cat food in smaller bags to give to people the next day. When we were done packing HUNDREDS of bags of cat and dog food, we loaded it all into our dad’s truck. We had dry and canned food for cats and dogs, and we also had dog toys, leashes, collars, and dog beds!!! We stacked and crammed as much as we could (several hundred pounds) in dad’s truck, and the rest fit into another vehicle.

On Day 2 Sophia and I woke up at 6 a.m., and we had to go to the parking lot of Bookmans in midtown. Donna, my dad, two Girl Scout voulnteers and a couple more guys met at the back of Bookmans to set up all of the tables, awnings, food, “fluff stuff” (beds and leashes, etc.). People came, and since it is a nonprofit, had to sign up to get allof that. EVERYTHING WAS FREE!!!

While people were signing up to get the free stuff for their animals, Sophia helped them by asking them if they had cats or dogs and then she would get the food for the people. She grabbed all of the dog or cat food they wanted and we gave them treats for their cats or dogs. The visitors could then go to the next table and get “fluff stuff” if they wanted. After six hours, we had given it all away!

The Southern Arizona Animal Food Bank will be doing more events like this in the future. Visit  to learn more about the organization, or to see how to get assistance or volunteer.

I felt happy volunteering because we were helping people to feed their pets.


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