Do you like buying things online? Well, go to  There are many things to buy on Amazon and they are coming to Tucson!

I got to visit the new building. It is one mile long and ó mile wide; a total of1.7 million square feet. ActualAmazon trucks can offload andreload in the 86-truck loading dock.

The neatest part about the building is that it will have a train depot to load and off-load stuff too! The building will also have 96 air conditioners that will be put on the building by helicopters!

Amazon will open in July. I hope that means if I order something, they can deliver it in an hour!

Inside it will have HD robots that grab products and get them to the humans to ship. The warehouse is 95 percent automated. Employees will have PlayStations in the lunchroom and a walking track for exercise all the way around the building called the “Green Mile.”

They have everything you want (even iPhones!). This would be a great place to go for work. They plan to hire food trucks in Tucson to come for lunch and feed all the employees. I can’t wait for Amazon to open. It will be so awesome for my city!


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Sharon Dobbin