Marana Vet Hosts Animal Event

On April 22, Dove Mountain Veterinary had a grand opening. Since my dog goes to this vet, we got to go! 

Rehabbing & Advocating for Dogs (RAD) had a stand at this event. They have senior dogs that you can foster. They also help dogs that have valley fever and raise money for valley fever treatments. I met Chloe who sells homemade candles—the company is called PinkHoney Candles. When you buy a candle, half of the proceeds will go to RAD. 

There was a stand called Ruffhouse where I met Michael Blaker who does dog training. Arizona Animal Experts, who remove unwanted pests, had a very funny diamondback rattlesnake that would hit its tail then rattle at itself! 

Bridge for Dogs representatives Sara and Barbara were there with a dog named Mango that was up for adoption. Sublime Canine was doing dog paw print paintings with real dogs. Mostly Cockers and Poms rescue was looking for foster homes for dogs there. 

I took a picture with a black fluffy dog named Osso that is currently up for adoption. I got a tour of the clinic with a new vet technician, Zach. The clinic is set up very nicely. 

Lastly, there was a demo with the Marana Police Department K-9 Unit. One officer put on a special suit and they brought out Bach, a Belgian shepard (a mix between a German shepard and Belgian Malinois). It was very hard to get Bach off of the arm of the officer in the suit. It was an amazing event and very well set up!

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