New STEM School Opens in August

 In the fall of 2019, Marana Unified School District is opening a new school. The school is Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8. CSTEM stands for Computer Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Students will have Chromebooks to use as a learning tool at school. Students in third through eighth grade will even have the ability to take their Chromebooks home to continue learning and complete their homework or other assignments.

The school will have two zSpace labs where kids do amazing things like virtual dissections, looking at nature, going inside a volcano and designing roller coasters that function on planets in our solar system. A zSpace is where students put on a pair of glasses and can see things in virtual/augmented reality.

There will still be music, sports, reading and writing, but there will also be a lot of science. There will be three Makerspaces where kids can create and invent cool things. The classrooms will have glass walls that slide open to use the halls as learning areas. During computer science, students will learn block and textbased coding in Scratch, LEGO Robotics, Minecraft and much more.

I think going to Dove Mountain K-8 CSTEM will be a lot of fun because of the new technology and the science focus. From the school you can see all the way from Picacho Peak to downtown Tucson! Andrea Divijak, my mom, is excited to be the new principal of Dove Mountain.

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