“One Day in the Desert” by Anna Keener informs you of animals that you can find in the desert that are unusual! For example, there are shrimp in the desert! If you want to know how shrimp survive here, read this awesome book!

The main characters of “One Day in the Desert” are Kupe, Ellie, Mariana, Mrs. Locke, Dr. Garza, and Grandpa. Kupe and Ellie are friends of Mariana. Kupe lives on a volcanic island surrounded by coral reefs in French Polynesia; Ellie lives in a pine forest in Washington state. Mariana is the most important character of the book, and she wants to write about what animals she sees in the desert where she lives to tell Kupe and Ellie.

Mrs. Locke is Mariana’s teacher. Dr. Garza is the nature park scientist who leads the class on the nature walk. Mariana’s Grandfather tells her about an old ranch that Mariana sees later and how it has changed.

The main idea of this book is that the desert has a lot of interesting animals like other ecosystems do. In the book, Mariana wonders if the desert where she lives has cool animals like her friends Kupe and Ellie have where they live. Mariana finds shrimp in a small lake called a playa. The shrimp have an interesting way of survival in the desert. Mariana writes back to her friends about what is in her ecosystem after she explores about all the amazing animals she finds where she lives. There are many other animal she finds.

This book could use a little more transitioning from one scene to another, but it was a good story. I would recommend this book to people interested in animals in the desert.

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