Tucson Roadrunners Hockey Team

Beep, Beep! Here Come the Roadrunners!

On June 18 at the Tucson Convention Center, the Arizona Coyotes announced their new American Hockey League afflliate will be called the Tucson Roadrunners!

If the Roadrunner name sounds familiar, maybe it’s because the Phoenix Roadrunners were the name of Arizona’s rst professional sports team in 1967.

“Roadrunners was the overwhelming fan favorite during our ‘Name the Team’ contest, and we thank the fans who helped us select a great name that creates a strong connection to the City of Tucson, reflects our state pride and extends the reach of the Coyotes brand,” says Coyotes President and CEO Anthony LeBlanc. He mentioned that is very important having the NHL and AHL teams so close in travel distance.

The new team logo is a roadrunner with a hockey stick, wearing a uniform and skates. The hockey jersey on the road- runner has the Arizona flag, in Coyote colors, with other parts of the uniform in copper because Arizona is the “Copper State.”

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild made several jokes about Coyotes and Roadrunners. “The Roadrunners are the
fast, quick, witty ones and the Coyotes are always chasing them down,” Rothschild said. “However, in this case every Road- runner wants to be a Coyote!” He explained how having a new team in Tucson would help boost the economy. “It helps, it definitely helps. Especially because they’re playing near the downtown area, they’re attracting a lot of people. And once the game is over, they’ll go to the nearby downtown businesses and eat there and shop there.”

The team will hold a Red and White scrimmage game with the Coyotes on Sunday, Oct. 9 at 1 p.m. at the TCC. Admission is free, but the Coyotes ask that all fans donate $5. All funds collected will be donated to the University of Arizona Wildcats hockey program.

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