Scouts from Israel Visit, Give Performance at the Tucson J

At the Tucson JCC, nine boys and girls from Israel performed many dances in front of an audience. Their names were Ranen, Amit , Hadar, Noa, Alon, Ofri, Oria, Shr and Mai.
They performed many Israeli
dances. About halfway through
their performance they played a
knowledge-based game called
Kahoot. The winner was Tea
(tea-ah) with 4,178 points and all
five questions correct.

After their performance, I asked
them some questions. I asked 
about their favorite food from 
both Israel and Tucson. I also asked if they like the people of Tucson and the weather here. I interviewed Amit and Hadar. They said that they really love the weather, and the people are really nice. Their favorite food from Israel comes from the Negev Desert and the Rosh HaNikra area. They say they like many Tucson foods like eggs, tomato, sausage and veggies.

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