Madaras Gallery is a Colorful Place

Do you like to paint or visit art galleries? I had the chance to meet Diana Madaras at her grand opening of the Madaras Gallery on Swan and Camp Lowell. Madaras is a world famous artist who lives right here in Tucson. 

The gallery was beautiful and very colorful. Paintings hung everywhere—scenes of the desert, animals, and portraits of cowboys and Native Americans. All breathtaking! So many people were there to browse or buy a painting of hers. After a busy day, she was able to sit down with me for a quick interview.

I asked Madaras when she knew she wanted to be an artist. She says she always painted but decided to become a professional artist after a trip to Greece where she stayed and painted for a month. Her first work of art was done in Greece and it was a table with Greek chairs. 

After a trip to Africa, Madaras painted a lion with pink in his mane from the sunset. It is called “King of Sandibe” and is a favorite painting of hers. All proceeds from the sale of this painting were donated to three different African charities.    

Madaras says that kids like to come to her gallery because of the “color. (It’s) all full of color and it’s the color and joy that makes people happy.” 

As for what advice she has for future artists, she says, “Practice, practice, practice.” 

Madaras also adds that drawing skills are very important for painting, so young artists should brush up on their drawing skills! 

I had a great time looking at all the paintings and most of all meeting Diana Madaras.  

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