From July 30 through Aug. 10, the Arizona Cardinals had their 2022 open practices. I had the opportunity to be there to interview the team’s president, cheerleaders and fans. I also met Big Red, their mascot, and enjoyed The Kids Interactive Zone.

It was exciting to see the gigantic State Farm stadium from the freeway. Inside was even better...I received a Cardinals flag, a Cardinals key holder and a State Farm towel. The concierge shared stickers with me, and the cheerleaders gave me a poster.

The cheerleaders told me they invite everyone to support their team! I also met a mom of one of the cheerleaders. She said all the girls are very good, responsible, and friendly with kids. She is right!

I was honored to meet the team’s chairman, president and owner Michael Bidwill. I asked why he is excited for this new season. He says, “I am excited because we have a lot of talent on the team, we’ve got a great coach, we’ve got a great defense, we’ve got a great offense, we’ve got a great quarterback, we’ve got great receivers, we’ve got a great offensive line, defensive line, we have great fans so...we were a really good team last year, but fell off at the end, and so we are expecting to pick up where we left last year! ”

I found Big Red at the Kids Interactive Zone. People were taking photos with him. He was energetic, funny, and friendly. At the Red Zone bridge, I enjoyed games, such as quarterback toss, 40-yard dash, and mini-field goal kick. Also, I had the Cardinals logo painted on my arm.

Fans were everywhere! I was surprised to find my basketball coach there! He is excited that the Arizona Cardinals’ stadium will host the Super Bowl next year. Also, I met a family who not only support the Arizona Cardinals, but they read Bear Essential News  as well! At the end of the practice, some of the players signed autographs. I got lineman Eric Smith’s autograph.

 Going to the Arizona Cardinals open practices with my family was a great experience. I enjoyed watching the practice, and obtaining autographs. Please let’s support our team. Protect the nest!

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