This past summer, my family and I went to Australia to visit my grandparents on my father’s side! My grandfather is 92, and my grandmother is 90. The flight between Los Angeles and Brisbane Airport is 14 hours. When it is summer here, it is winter there.

The main attractions of Australia include: the beaches, The Australia Zoo: The Original Zoo of Steve Irwin, and many amazing opportunities to hike, swim, eat and more. However, Australia is also known for its very dangerous animals. As many call it, it’s “Where the Devil Keeps its Pets.” However, it is still an amazing place to visit.

The Australia Zoo has the Crocoseum. It is where crocodile experts feed crocs and tell you many interesting facts about them. I was very lucky during my time there. I got to see the Irwin family feed the crocs!! They even swam with them! Next to the crocoseum, they have a restaurant where you can grab lunch and watch the crocodile shows. There are many more attractions at the Aussie Zoo including koalas, kangaroos, wombats and snakes. If you find yourself in Australia, you must see it.

Another interesting attraction is the coast of Australia and its many beaches. My family and I went to a few. At one place we stayed, we were about five yards (4.572 meters) away from the shore. Though in the winter there, it is extremely cold to go swimming  in the ocean, in the summer it is very nice. Collecting shells, surfing, playing cricket, rugby, and other Australian sports are popular activities to do on the beach.

There are many markets open on different days in Australia, most popular being Gisborne Olde Time Market, Hanging Rock Markets, Medowie Markets, and many more. These markets are not like the classic supermarkets in the U.S., but are tents laid out on a street. They sell food, pictures, toys, supplies, jewelry, and practically anything you would like. In the markets I went to, I ate momos—a Tibetan dish like a hollow dumpling with vegetables inside. They are delicious.

As I have just said, Australia is an amazing place to visit. It has beautiful beaches, scenery, popular markets and more. This a great place for hiking. It is very peaceful and cool in the winter. If you avoid the dangerous animals, you shall enjoy it. Next time you’re in the area, you have to check it out.

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