Have you ever been to the Heard Museum? There are thousands of items on display there.

Marcus Monenerkit, Director of Community Engagement for the Heard Museum, had an interest in different cultures and diversity. “My dad traveled a lot and sent us postcards. When I got older, I still had the love. My father was a Comanche and my mother kept me connected with my father’s side. My grandmother spoke fluent Comanche.” Monenerkit started working at the Heard Museum in 1998.

Monenerkit says the most popular exhibit is “Sole Stories,” about American Indian footwear, which includes boots from famous poets, code talkers, an iron worker, figure skaters and astronaut training boots.

The largest exhibit is “Beautiful Games.” It covers three galleries. It shows sports and how they can be an asset for the communities. Monenerkit says it is his personal favorite. “I love art, weather craft and marble sculptures. Art is a way we communicate,” he says.

When you go to the Heard Museum, you can expect to see American Indian Art, pottery, jewelry, historic tales from the past, and those stories that are still with us. Native American exhibits include 22 tribes in Arizona, east to west and north to south.


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Karen Golden