Extremely colorful, fun, rainbow, interesting, vibrant and splash of color! These are the words I’m using to describe the Crayola Experience in Chandler.

 When I first entered through the door, a staff member gave me a bag with two silver tokens inside. The first thing I did was a coloring page of a police officer. There were tons of crayons farther than the eye could see. All those different colors reminded me of a gigantic rainbow.

A station called Drip Art is like spin-art, but the machine melts the crayons instead of using paint. I controlled the speed and it looked like a sun when I was finished. At the station Be A Star, I took a picture and was able to star in my own coloring page. Standing behind rainbow rain, it looked like I was playing in a virtual rainbow.

At Scribble Square, I drew a picture of a newspaper, a press pass and a question mark on the chalkboard. Then I designed my own outfit and saw it on a big screen after the projection scanned my picture. At the Melt and Mold station, I chose to customize a green crayon. Another machine helped me put the custom wrapper on my crayon. I used the pressed penny machine to get a souvenir coin for my collection and I got a shirt from the gift shop.

If you’re looking for a way to have some colorful fun, I suggest going to the Crayola Experience. There’s tons of fun with color and it’s a great way to explore and see many new things.


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