Remember Halloween Safety

It’s that time! Ghosts, goblins, princesses and superheroes will soon make their appearance. Before going out for those sweet treats, make sure you know what to do.

Officer Chris Medaglia has been working as a school resource officer for about 10 years. He knows that kids will be on the streets ringing door bells and going to Halloween parties. Medaglia feels kids are our future and are important so he helps them be safe on a daily basis.

Medaglia says the safest place on Halloween is being at home with your parents and helping to pass out candy. If you do go out, Medaglia suggests you go with a parent, a family member or other trusted adult. Medaglia has the following safety tips:

• Never go into a stranger’s house.
• Be careful when crossing the street.
• Never go out trick or treating alone.
• Always go with friends or adults.
• Make sure your parents know where you are.
Medaglia recommends that you not eat your treats before coming home.

“Let parents inspect it first,” he says. If there is an emergency, call 911.

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