Cookie Story Is Funny & Yummy

The story “Cookiesaurus Rex” is by Amy Fellner Dominy and Nate Evans. It’s one of the first books I’ve been able to read by myself. The Cookiesaurus is bossy and he gets jealous. He’s upset because he’s not getting respect and he only gets green glossy frosting while the other cookies get fun sprinkles, shiny stars and gum drops.

Cookiesaurus Rex says, “Wait one stinkin’ stompin’ minute, I want a do-over!” And a do-over is what he gets. He becomes a Ballerina, a Su- per-Hero, a Duck Clown and a King covered with jelly beans. The Baby cookie with the chocolate gum drops was my favorite. We all laughed at this picture.

Cookiesaurus Rex learns it just might be best to be who you are. The pictures are so much fun. Every cookie has a fun expression. This is all about two things that

I love—dinosaurs and cookies. Gramma and I are headed to find our dinosaur cookie cutters now. Yum! 

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