On Wednesday, Oct. 27, students from Tarwater Elementary School in Chandler spoke to an astronaut on the International Space Station as is passed over Arizona.

Contact with astronaut Shane Kimbrough was made through Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS). One lucky student from each grade spoke to the astronaut.

When talking to Kimbrough, the Tarwater Chorus Club sang a song called I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing), which was written by astronaut Chris Hadfield while he was in space. The whole school came together at the outside stage to hear the song and listened to the students talk to the astronaut.

To celebrate, the Tarwater community attended the Night Under the Stars. There were lots of science activities, stations and telescopes. There was even a science book fair.

Tarwater Elementary was one of seven schools across the United States to be selected to take part in the ARISS program.

Photo Credit: Tarwater Elementary School

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