I had the opportunity to visit the Hall of Flame Museum. It is a fire truck museum. They have firefighter uniforms, smoke jumper uniforms and hot shot uniforms on display.

Mark Moorhead, employee at the Hall of Flame Museum, says the oldest fire truck at the museum is the Newsham Manual Fire Engine from 1725. Richard Newsham from England created it.

Moorhead’s favorite thing at the museum is Jeffers Philadelphia Style Pumper from 1844. It is really big and it takes about 25 men to work it. “The latch on both sides is unlocked and 12 men are on one side and 12 on the other. One man is in front to control the pumper. They could only work it for about 15 to 20 minutes and then another crew would take over,” explained Moorhead.

The founder of the Hall of Flame Museum was George F. Getz, Jr. Moorhead said he started with a 1924 American La France, Type 12 Fire Engine. Getz then started collecting more fire trucks and started refurbishing them.

My favorite fire truck was the NYFD fire truck from 911. The truck was used in such a big disaster. The fire truck from 911 was on the New York City streets when the towers fell. There were more than 90 trucks that day.

Moorhead says the history of firefighting is a part of civilization. It is the history of human invention of firefighters. It all evolves to teach kids about people and fires.


 Some of the most popular

exhibits at Hall of Flame


• 911 fire truck

• Cinderella Carriage (a fancy fire truck used for parades)

• Little Kids fire truck ( a place where kids can get on it and play)

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Karen Golden