I enjoyed interviewing a veteran and I learned a lot. In the military, he is known as Chaplain (Major) Danny Hughes, United States Army. One becomes a veteran after they have served a deployment. A deployment is serving the military in a different country. This can be a war zone, where fighting is taking place.

Chaplain Hughes is active duty (still in the Army), has served in the Army for 12 years and was deployed for one. He served in Jordan, Syria and Kuwait. His call to serve was in response to the 9/11 attacks in 2001. He wanted to help defend his country.

Also important to him is his work as a pastor. A chaplain does pastor jobs for the Army. As a chaplain, his main role is to make sure everyone in the Army has the opportunity to worship God the way they want to do that. There are other responsibilities as well. One of the things he loves most about his work for the Army is he gets to take care of soldiers by helping to keep them safe, helping them when they miss their family, and  helping them when they have difficulties or troubles in their life.

I asked Chaplain Hughes if he had advice for anyone wanting to serve in the military. He recommends that you know that you may be deployed, which means that you may be away from your family for a long time and a war zone can be very scary. However, soldiers do that to protect and defend America.

I am thankful for the time with Chaplain Hughes as he shared his role and experiences. If you ever see a person wearing anything to identify them as a veteran say, “Thank you for your service,” because they were brave and protected us and our country.

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