Sharpen your lances and hang on to your helmets—Scottsdale is traveling back in time to when chivalrous knights in shining armor battled each other in tournaments by jousting and sword-fighting, clashing their way to become their queen’s champion.

 The new Medieval Times dinner theater opens at the Talking Stick Entertainment District this summer. Families will be able to walk among the stone walls of a replica 11th-century Spanish castle and admire the authentic medieval decor and weaponry in the Hall of Arms. There is even a medieval torture museum.

 As the show begins, the trumpets will blare to herald guests to their seats. There they will feast upon a four-course meal meant to be eaten with your hands. Upon devouring your knightly feast served by serfs and wenches, a series of staged medieval-style games will be performed in the ceremonial arena. Everyone will first witness the beauty and grace of the Spanish horses and trained falcons as they soar over guests’ heads.

 Guests then join in the revelry as Queen Maria Isabella governs her first tournament in search of a champion knight to defend her throne. The two-hour live show will keep people cheering for their designated knight as he competes on horseback in games such as the ring pierce, flag toss and javelin throw. In a final test of skill, guests will cheer their knight to victory in jousting matches answord fights.

For more information, check the Medieval Times Facebook page.

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