Students ‘Toon’ into Leadership

The Arizona Association of Student Councils (AASC) recently held their first Junior High Conference at Camelback High School. Students were greeted by Camelback’s cheerleaders and high school leadership. 

The theme was “Toon in to Leadership.” There were over 200 middle school students from Maricopa County. Middle school students were treated to breakfast and lunch at the conference.  

The AASC began in 1934 by a group of educators. According to the AASC, they wanted to create an organization for student leaders that would encourage them to practice the democratic process, citizenship and service while fostering idea exchange and problem solving in the state’s schools. 

The conference speakers included Key Note Speaker Brodie Kaster and Conference Special Guest Stu Shaffer. Shaffer played games using his “Traveling Junk Show” to show the importance of leadership. He involved all students that were there. Kaster inspires students to make positive movements within their schools, community and even states.  

Kaster stated that only 23 percent of kids are involved in schools. Brodie encouraged us to reach the other 77 percent, help getting them involved. Brodie said that it all starts with a “conversation.” According to Brodie, “Every single one of us wants to share who we are, just ask.” 

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Karen Golden