Chapin Builds Bridges with Arizona Kids

Three-time Grammy award winner Tom Chapin visited Gilbert and gave a concert for students at the Higley Center for the Arts on Jan. 30. The concert, titled “Building Bridges,” featured Chapin’s own songs that tell stories children love. 

The audience of kids and their teachers were singing along happily to his songs. Favorites were “Alphabet Soup,” “Family Tree” and “Don’t Play with Bruno.” 

Chapin was gracious enough to give time to some Bear Essential News Young Reporters following the concert for an interview. Sitting backstage, we were able to ask him which of his songs is his favorite. Chapin replied, “This question is like asking a mother with four children, which is your favorite child?” 

We also wondered when he wrote his first song. He explained that it was when he was 12 or 13. He remembered that its title was “Posters” and that he had sung it with his brothers.  

Chapin started his singing career with his brothers and has been playing for almost 60 years. Chapin is a very nice person, his music is awesome, and we highly recommend that kids go see his concert if they have the opportunity.

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Jennifer Dow