‘Spy School’ Is a Great Read

I have recently read “Spy School” by Stuart Gibbs and I loved it! It was one of those books that you just have to keep reading; you get hooked on the story.

The story revolves around 12-year-old Ben Ripley and 14-year-old Erica Hale. One day, Ben walks into his living room and finds an old but “great” spy named Alexander Hale, who works with the CIA. The CIA wants to recruit Ben for the Academy of Espionage. There is nothing special about Ben, except that he has Level 16 math skills. Ben accepts the offer. When he arrives at the academy, there is an attack, and Ben is right in the middle of it!

I don’t want to spoil more of the story, so I’ll stop here. But I assure you: You will love this book. Stuart Gibbs includes suspense, humor, mystery, action, and wits in this exciting novel. You should also check out his other books: The FunJungle series, the Moon Base Alpha series, and the Last Musketeer series. Check out your local library for these books!

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