Recently my mom and I went to a traveling exhibit at OdySea in the Desert, Bodies Revealed. This exhibit was very fun and helpful. It had lots of different facts about the human body and they were interesting.

There were also models of the muscle and bone structures in the body. But, the bodies were real! They were real people! I know, crazy.

I did have a favorite part of the exhibit and that was the part about the lungs. As you walk into the room, you see a sign. The sign says that smoking is very dangerous for you. Underneath the sign, there is a clear bucket. And in that bucket, you can throw away your lighters and cigarettes. This was important to me because I had family members who smoked and I wanted them to stop. They’ve stopped, and I’m happy.

 All in all, this was a very fun experience. The Bodies Revealed exhibit ended in April. To learn about the current exhibit, visit

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