The Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa has a lot of fun things do to. When you go there, you’ll see some cool galleries. One of those galleries is about the early Spanish settlers in Arizona. It also has a dinosaur exhibit, and I liked the cowboy exhibit.

In the early Spanish settlers exhibit, there is a set of Conquistador armor and a replica of an old Catholic Church. In display cases there are weapons like a sword and musket.

The dinosaur gallery is full of fossils that you can touch, but they are not real. There are robotic dinosaurs that move and make noises. You can help build a dinosaur skeleton or build a made-up creature. The dinosaur gallery is so big it takes up two floors.

In the cowboy exhibit you can see display cases with Rough Rider weapons and some of the clothing the Rough Riders wore. There is also a beautiful sword from post-Civil War times. There are Native American artifacts as well. My favorite section was the historic jail because you get to go inside the jail and lay on the bed and sit on the toilet.

I don’t want to miss the new dinosaur exhibit that they are making. You should plan to be there for four hours or maybe even the whole day because  there is so much to see and do. This museum is fun for all ages. Visit f or more information.

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