I love LEGO! LEGO is an art form to me. With your imagination, you can build whatever you want. It helps me grow and use my brain to think. I also like to draw out my ideas and then build them.

I have a lot of LEGO bricks and sets and my most recent build was the LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment Center. My mom and I went to the LEGO store at the mall and bought it. The set cost over $200. It came in a huge box with lots of different bags inside that were numbered and two big booklets.

One booklet was for the TV and one booklet was for the Nintendo system and remote controller. I built the Nintendo system, remote controller and the game card and my mom built the TV. I love playing with Legos with my mom and I recommend Legos for all kids. It took us several hours to build the set and we stayed up almost all night building it. We didn’t go to sleep until after it was built.

This LEGO set is pretty cool and fun to play with. The TV moves from a spinner on the side and the Nintendo system opens and you are able to put in a game card and plug in the remote controller. This is the best Lego set I have ever built. I am soon going to build the LEGO Ghostbusters car soon.

If you visit Lego.com  you can sign up for a free magazine and there are free games to play, too.

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