When you don’t feel well, is your pillow sometimes your best friend?

Preston was 9 months old when he got sick. He was in the in the hospital with Croup. After many breathing treatments and being sent home, he returned to the hospital. Pillows that were made for Preston when he was born were taken to the hospital to help reposition him as he got well. The nurses liked them.

I met Preston when he was 5. He is now 6 years old and still doing amazing things with pillows for sick kids. “I thought my story was like Flash,” says Preston. He thought he had been struck by lightning and that’s why he was in the hospital. The Flash is Preston’s favorite superhero.

Pillows from Preston is a non-profit charity to help sick kids. It was established to help provide comfort to infants, toddlers, and children who are hospitalized. Hospital staff can use a pillow instead of sheets and towels to position a child in bed and something soft to snuggle on. Every stitch is a kiss and every ounce of fluff is a hug for your child as they recover from an illness or injury. Preston says he is “never going to stop giving pillows.”

Pillows go to sick kids, hospitals and even to kids outside of Arizona. One pillow went to England. They have given around 6,000 pillows to sick kids. The goal for the charity is to help kids feel better.

One of Preston’s memories includes “Papa Grassy.” Preston gave him a pillow when he got sick and told him it was full of magic. For more information, look for Pillows from Preston on Facebook.

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