I Had Close Encounters with Lots of Cool Critters in Costa Rica

For my summer vacation, I went to Costa Rica. The town was called Playa Grande. We went to these private beach estates. Ours was called Casa Bonita. 

Since we were in a rainforest, it rained a lot. One morning after it rained, I was outside playing chess and a tree fell into the road! 

I saw so many different animals in Costa Rica. On someone’s gate was an electrical box and inside was an iguana! 

I also found some Halloween crabs that were crushed on the street. At Casa Bonita, we had a grill and under the grill was a Halloween crab! 

Some nights a coatimundi, which is related to raccoons, would peek through the sliding glass door and knock over the trash bin! I also saw and heard some howler monkeys. 

I loved my trip to Costa Rica.

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