FC Arizona Fans Go Crazy for Final Home Game

The whistle blew, and that’s when you knew that the game had started. FC Arizona was off to a great start by scoring the first goal of the game. FC Arizona is a professional soccer team. They scored so many goals; the action on the field and in the stands was crazy, and at the end of the game, kids were allowed on the field.

FC Arizona scored its first goal in the fifth minute of the game—George Jeremy. Jeremy headed the ball in the goal. It went to the upper right hand corner. Joaquin Gomez scored the third, fifth, and seventh goal of the game by first playing the ball to Ari Sanchez then scoring. Then he scored  another goal by dribbling down the left side of the field then cutting to the right and dodging some players to score. His last goal was his first ever hat-trick (three goals) and the first ever by any FC Arizona player. Paul LaMarca scored the second goal by another cross-and-header. The fourth goal was scored by David Paul and the sixth goal was scored by David Alton.

The action on the field and in the stands was crazy. There were smoke bombs, drums, FC flags waving, and the stands were full of red FC AZ shirts. Everyone went especially crazy when the team scored the first goal  and when Kenny McAvoy dashed down the field as the wing on the right side, then passed the ball to his teammate, but the ball barely went over the goal.

Ari Sanchez was really, really fast as he helped out his team on offense and defense—no one could catch him! An amazing thing about the game is that once they got to the middle of the first half of the game, it seemed like all the players just started heading the soccer ball. 

At the end of the game, they let everyone play around and get signatures from the players. Right when the game had ended, all the kids dashed onto the field either to play soccer with their ball or to get the players’ signatures. There was a photographer at the game, so a lot of children got to take photos with all the players. Fans were able to meet their favorite player.

FC Arizona is by far the best team in the league that I have ever seen because of how amazing the players are. Their speed, agility and fancy footwork was amazing and awesome. They are undefeated and continue to build on their astounding amount of goals for the season. FC Arizona has only allowed three goals to be scored against them the whole season. The entire atmosphere of this game was buzzing, from the fans to the players, during the game to the after game. The excitement just never stopped on or off the field. FC Arizona soccer is a must see team to watch in action.

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