‘Cars 3’ Tour Makes a Pit Stop in Phoenix

I had a great opportunity to take a photo with the stars of “Cars 3,” including five-time Piston Cup Champion Lightning McQueen, tech savvy trainer Cruz Ramirez and sleek next gen racer Jackson Storm. I saw amazing, exclusive footage from the film and participated in a variety of “Cars 3” themed activities. This tour was free and held at the Desert Ridge Marketplace.

During the event, I met with Lisa Cabello, a Disney Event Specialist. She explained that in the new movie Lightning McQueen feels pressured after being beat many times by Jackson Storm. He tries and tries but he fails. Despite the many times he gets beat, he won’t  give up. He went to a training facility to get help from a personal trainer. His personal trainer’s name is Cruz Ramirez and she encourages Lightning McQueen to do his best.

This was an outdoor event and temperatures were in excess of 107 degrees. There were long wait lines. Most people brought plenty of water and personal shade umbrellas since there were hardly any shaded areas. The movie opened in theaters June 16. For details, visit disney.com/cars-3-tour.

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