“Dear Polar Bear...” by Barry Ablett is one of my favorite books. It is great for learning about different types of bears from around the world, their habitat and their environment. Polar Bear writes letters to his friends in other parts of the globe, and Postman Penguin delivers them. I love it because I also like to write letters to my friends!

The book starts with a big colorful map. It shows where the bears live and the mode of transportation used by Postman Penguin to deliver mail. There is a short description of each bear, its favorite food and fun facts.

The story tells how Polar Bear feels in his home and the challenges of his environment. He starts thinking of how differently his friends live, and he writes to them asking for help to improve his life and to make his home fun. They send him packages. For example, he is a little bit lonely, so his friend Brown Bear, in Alaska, sends him a pet fish. This is how Polar Bear begins to receive great surprises!

The book comes with pull-up letters, packages that can be opened, and a great pop-up surprise at the end! I recommend this book to every reader that likes bears, mail, and fun stories!

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