Have you ever wondered what the Lights of The World is all about? The Lights of the world has many activities, carnival rides, terrific lights and colorful lanterns. This is an amazing experience and can create lots of fantasticmemories with family and friends.

The Lights of the World display is at the Arizona State Fairgrounds and is open until Feb. 3, 2019. When you walk in you get your picture taken and then you can see all the amazing lights and rides they have. When you walk in through the tunnel there is a fountain made from lights. When it turns dark outside all the lights in the Lights of the World turn on.

There are different displays of lights and everyone had different themes like dinosaurs, the ocean, the artic, castles, gingerbread men, and Santa and his reindeer. There are circle swings that light up in neon colors. In the middle of the whole place there is a volcano made from lights and at the top of it there are two beams of light shooting into the sky. They had some scary and fun rides such as G-force, Ferris wheel, teacups, yoyo, and other fantastic rides.

There are a lot of very interesting stands. One of the stands that stood out the most was where you could get your name painted in cool designs. There was also a person who would draw you either realistically or as a cartoon. There is also sugar blowing. This is when you blow sugar into the shape of something.

The Lights of the World has now been around for eight years. The displays are made in factories for two months while the setup takes 40-45 days by hand. Overall, the Lights of the World is memorable and can bring lots of joy to those who go. Visit www.phoenix. for ticket prices and more information.

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Karen Golden