Phoenix Magazine Goes National

You can tell Luca, a new Phoenix-based magazine, is different the minute you see it. Christine Robertson, the CEO, explains that Luca is Italian for “bringer of light.” As you hold the magazine the gloss title does just that, it reflects the light. The magazine is different inside as well. Of course Luca is filled with the professional photo layouts and articles on fashion and make-up that are fun to flip through, but it is so much more. Robertson saw the need for a more positive message for girls and Luca is the result.

Luca’s  mission statement is to “uplift, include, and inspire” and it does just that. Robertson was very adamant about Luca’s purpose. That’s why Luca features articles that inspire you as they entertain you. 

The articles are about girls who have made a difference and overcome obstacles to achieve success. The magazine strives to be a movement, not just another publication.

The quality of the magazine is one of the reasons Barnes & Noble picked up Luca after only two editions and is promoting it in over 569 stores nationwide. Now that Luca is in every major market it is sure to be the must-have magazine for our generation—that is due in large part to the enthusiasm of its creators.

The people at Luca like to have fun and it shows. Robertson explains that they don’t follow the path of other magazines because it isn’t just another teen magazine. For example, did you spot the UFO in the Sedona shot or the ghost in the fall issue. Not playing by the rules permits them to superimpose quirky images into their photo shoots—which makes flipping through the pages so much more fun. It’s like Where’s Waldo meets Vogue.

Robertson is a mother with a fashion background. She strives to keep the magazine relevant. One way Luca does that is with a teen board of advisors who contribute to the magazine. So when you see their webpage state “Luca. My Voice. My Magazine,” you know it’s true. 

Luca has an online version which has additional tidbits not included in the magazine, so they are always keeping things fresh. To learn more about this great new magazine or to subscribe visit or pick up the national debut issue at your local Barnes & Noble.


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